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Partial amount approvals are now available for all credit cards and gift cards presented at checkout. Although multiple credit cards and gift cards were previously accepted, a partial amount approval was only available for the first card used. Additional cards required you to specify the exact amount to use for each card.

Now, you can still specify an amount for any credit card or gift card during checkout, and all cards can receive a partial amount approval.

What is a partial amount approval?

Major credit card brands, such as MasterCard and Visa, have recently started approving partial charge amounts rather than declining a sale due to insufficient funds. For example, if a customer presents a credit card for a $10.00 purchase, and their available credit balance is $8.50, a partial amount approval for $8.50 is given. The cashier must then ask how the customer wants to pay the additional $1.50.

Partial amount approvals are now also available for gift cards in Paladin Point of Sale.

Potential issues for the customer

If a customer decides to cancel the sale after getting partial approval on a payment made with a debit card, make sure they understand that it may take up to 10 days for their bank to return cancelled funds to their account.

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