Build:  7005.1-2

Date:  25-Jun-12

Power users of Paladin POS have wanted an internal report writer that allows them to create and maintain their own custom reports. This version of Paladin POS now contains the powerful MS SQL Server Report Builder. This is a full featured SQL report writer. You have complete access to all store level data contained in your database. This report writer compares favorably to other high-end report writers on the market today, and we’re able to provide it to you WITHOUT additional costs!

The feature is accessed from the Paladin POS menu bar (above the Mode Icons). Click on Reports, click on SQL Report Builder and the program will be automatically downloaded and installed. Once installed, clicking on the SQL Report Builder option will launch the program.

Users commonly have the perception that SQL Report Builders are complex and difficult to use. Microsoft has vastly simplified the process of “Getting Started” with Report Builder by providing an extensive library of documentation on the use of their product. You may access this help at: Paladin Data Corp will produce training courses and sample reports over the coming months to further assist our users.

If you have interest in using this Microsoft product, Paladin Customer Service is happy to make the database connections between the two products for you. Happy report building!

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