Build: 2_367
Build date: 22-Dec-16

Paladin Point of Sale build 2_367 and later will not work on computers that are running Windows XP. For most stores, this change will occur with the next general release.

Paladin Point of Sale General Release 9976 (Fall, 2016), and all incremental 9976.xx updates will run on Windows XP. However, when the next general release is installed, Paladin Point of Sale will no longer run on Windows XP computers.

A few months ago, we announced our end of support for older Windows operating systems (see Attention: End of Windows XP & Windows Vista ). If you have PCs that are running Windows XP or Windows Vista, contact Paladin Point of Sale Customer Service to learn about replacement options (1-800-725-2346, option 2 or

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact