The Fall 2018 Release is out and ready to unlock your business potential with new integrations, mobile apps, time-saving invoicing features, and much more! Take a few minutes to read the summary below.


We embrace using specialized software for your business and understand managing information between multiple systems can be tedious and time-consuming. That’s why we’re constantly developing intelligent integrations with third-party software and services to reduce manual tasks and make your life easier.

Below are new integrations included in the Fall 2018 Release:

  • BlueTarp® Financial Credit
    Accept and automatically process BlueTarp payments with Paladin. The integration communicates directly with BlueTarp to determine a customer’s credit limit and to report their BlueTarp purchase. BlueTarp credit management services help shield you from credit risk. Learn more or Watch the webinar
  • Syntech FuelMaster
    Track your customer’s fuel purchases and manage fuel inventory with Paladin when you use the Syntech FuelMaster system. Learn more
    If you use the Triple E fuel system, we previously released a Triple E fuel integration.
  • QuickBooks™
    Update QuickBooks automatically each evening with your daily sales and eliminate manual transfers. This integration will delight your accounting department. Learn more
  • Ace Hardware AOS
    Paladin fully supports the AOS system. Stores are upgraded automatically, and AOS transactions are itemized on the comparative revenue and Transaction reports. Learn more
  • RepeatRewards Enhancement
    Experience a more powerful member search, new sign up options, and more with an update to our RepeatRewards offering. Learn more
  • True Value Rewards
    Look up existing customers by phone number or enroll new customers directly from the Invoice/Quote module by clicking the Sign Up button. Once enabled, your rewards information will upload to True Value nightly.

Mobile Apps
The retail landscape is a continuous evolution and we’re laser focused on providing the tools you need to beat your competition and enhance the customer experience. That’s why we continue to develop innovative mobile technologies that help reach your customers wherever they are.

Below are mobile enhancements included in the Fall 2018 Release:

    • Mobile2Checkout™
      Take Paladin with you wherever business requires with the enhanced Mobile2Checkout app. You can now create invoices, add customers, check inventory and process payments on your mobile device. All transactions and inventory changes are synced to your Paladin database. Learn more
    • Mobile2Deliver™
      Scheduling deliveries in Paladin is easier than ever with an updated and more intuitive user interface. Improve your customer experience and increase revenues with Mobile2Deliver, which now allows you to access time windows for deliveries and sort deliveries by time. Delivery time windows are configurable in 5-minute increments from 5 to 30 minutes. Delivery information includes account location, contact information, instructions, along with delivery date and time, all on your mobile device.

 Invoicing and Checkout

  • Quick access menus bring greater efficiency and new features
    Right-click any invoice line item for quick access to many tasks, tools and new features. Learn more
  • Expanded email options
    Email a customer’s invoice or quote to any email address. The email option is now available for any customer—not just customers in your store database.  Learn more
  • Delivery scheduling received a major upgrade
    Schedule precise delivery time, view delivery information on invoices and much more with a newly-updated delivery scheduling process. Then, use the Mobile2Deliver app to make your deliveries.
  • Update retail prices for all kits at the same time
    Ensure consistent pricing by simultaneously updating all kits to current retail prices. Learn more
  • Special Order feature can search your inventory Create special orders quickly by searching your active and obscure inventory and automatically inserting item details on the Special Order tab in the Advanced Lookup window. Learn more
  • Edit saved special orders with a new configuration option
    Allow an employee to recall a special order, edit it, and then save their changes. Learn more
  • Search quotes and other transactions more efficiently with custom sort options
    Set the default transaction list order when you recall transactions in Paladin Point of Sale. Learn more

 Credit Card Payments

  • Skip the credit card payment amount verification screen during checkout
    (EMV only) Speed up the checkout process by skipping the purchase amount verification screen. Learn more
  • Specify a signer and PO number for all credit card purchases
    Help your accounting department by entering a signer, memo and/or purchase order number when customers pay with a credit card. Learn more

 Customer Accounts

  • Schedule automatic payments for purchases
    Offer your customers a monthly payment plan on large purchases and get paid automatically with our Wells Fargo ACH scheduler. Payments are deposited directly into your checking account.  Learn more
  • Print and share customer data efficiently using Excel
    View customer information in Excel, so you can easily print, email and share it. Learn more

 Inventory & EDI

  • View and analyze EDI report data quickly and easily in new Excel workbooks
    Organize, sort, and analyze your EDI report data using the flexible and powerful features of Excel. Learn more
  • EDI option will set pack and single item prices
    Allow EDI processing to set a second pricing level for pack quantities. Learn more
  • Alternate part number safeguard identifies obscure inventory items
    Utilize your obscure inventory to prevent associations between unlike items when you manually add an alternate part number. 
  • Prevent manual discounts from applying to Net items
    Exclude items that have the Net option selected when you manually apply a percentage discount to an invoice. Learn more

Purchase Orders

  • Quick access menus bring greater efficiency and new features
    Right-click any purchase order line item for quick access to tasks, tools and new features. Learn more
  • Reprint purchase orders without costs and other options
    Print purchase order copies for backordered items or without costs. Learn more
  • Expanded email options for purchase orders
    Email a purchase order to any email address and/or select the default supplier address. Learn more


  • Master Report adds weekly totals and an improved user experience
    View new weekly sales history reports for items by sold quantities or dollar revenue. Learn more
  • Inventory Valuation Summary report option includes on-hold items
    Get a complete picture of the inventory in your store by including on-hold items. Learn more
  • Items Sold Report option includes alternate part numbers
    Include both primary and alternate part numbers when you perform a part number search. Learn more
  • View per-item prices for quantity discount transactions in the Transaction Report
    Show the per-item price on the Transaction Report for item quantities sold at a discount. Learn more
  • Excel Transaction Report option will skip account payments
    Exclude customer account payments from the Transaction Report line items. Learn more

Ace Hardware Promotions

  • You can edit Ace Hardware Dynamic Promotion sale dates
    Customize the dates provided by Ace Hardware for a Dynamic Promotion sale for your store. Learn more


  • New pharmacy integration communication alert
    Get notified when Paladin Point of Sale cannot establish communication with your pharmacy system. Learn more

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