Build: 8025

Date: 11-Feb-14

This build applies only to stores utilizing Orgill’s Web Store ordering system, not our legacy Orgill direct connect order system that is still fully supported in Paladin POS.

As detailed in Build 7971: Should you not want to participate in the Orgill Store Front integration, click File – Setup – Suppliers – Orgill – Communication Specifications group box and check the box beside “Force automatic PO Upload” and click save.  With this command, purchase orders will be uploaded automatically just as they always have.

Some stores gained experience submitting negative order quantities in a request for credit.  Orgill direct supports this action.  Orgill’s web store doesn’t allow this data to be automatically uploaded.  Should you try to upload a negative order quantity to the web store the following new message will be displayed:


As the message states, you may still submit your request for credit but you must select > My Account > Credit Request on the Orgill web site.

This build also cleans up a previous oversight and now blocks transmission of zero order quantity items (just like our Orgill direct connect always has).

And given the limited number of digits available for Order Quantity in the Orgill web store, we’ve changed the formatting of all order quantities to whole numbers.  Should an order quantity have ever been submitted with a fractional value, the number transmitted to the web site will be rounded up / down to the closest whole number.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact