Build: 7971

Date: 25-Jan-14

A new purchase order upload option is available to all Paladin POS stores that use Orgill EDI.  Now, when a PO is completed and ready to be sent to Orgill, the Orgill Store Front website will launch and be displayed inside a Paladin browser window.  From this window you will instruct the Orgill site to import your order, research warehouse available-to-ship quantities as well as review your entire order for items that may be under promotion from Orgill.

While this new procedure requires a few clicks to complete, we expect the effort to be well worth your time.  It is believed that many discounted prices are never known or claimed by stores that communicate directly with the Orgill order entry computer.

Should you not want to participate in the Orgill Store Front integration, click File – Setup – Suppliers – Orgill – Communication Specifications group box and check the box beside “Force automatic PO Upload” and click save.  With this command, purchase orders will be uploaded automatically just as they always have.

Providing the Orgill Communication specifications are properly configured in File – Setup – Supplier – Orgill – Communication, clicking F1 Buy at the end of our purchase order will automatically display the following screen:

If your store’s credentials and/or Orgill’s URL have not been set in your machine please contact Paladin Customer Service for assistance well in advance of your normal stock order cut off time.


The above example displays the proper pathway/filename for you to use, but the first time this is used the field will be blank.  Click the Browse button and navigate to “C:PaladinPOSExportORGILL_PO.CSV”.  Click the UPLOAD button to load your PO into the Orgill Store Front.

The next displayed image will detail the contents of your purchase order.  Quickly review the information on-screen to assure the correct file was uploaded.

When satisfied the correct file has been uploaded, click the “View Shopping Cart” menu item to advance to the next step.


The Orgill Shopping Cart is displayed below.  We suggest you click the “Analyze Inventory” button to view Orgill Available – To – Ship quantities.


The screen refreshes and displays the quantity Available – To – Ship for each line item of your purchase order.  Should Orgill not have the quantity necessary to meet your needs, this advance look at stock levels provides the lead time that could allow you to find the item with another distributor AND still meet your customer’s expectations.


Click the “Analyze Promotions” command button to determine if additional savings may be claimed on this order.  Displayed below is an example of the Analyze Promotions screen.


Click the Create Order menu button to place your order.


We hope you enjoy the enhanced ordering system with Orgill!

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact