Build: 8037

Date: 18-Feb-14

Some stores have been concerned with not being able to immediately verify by phone their newly submitted Orgill Store Front web store orders as having been received and processed by Orgill.  We understand why this confirmation is desired and believe the following information will answer many questions.

Orgill’s Store Front web store transmits its orders to the Orgill legacy FTP direct upload site (the same site used by Paladin direct upload) every hour at 10 minutes past the hour.  If your Store Front web store order was completed at say, 1:15PM, 55 minutes later your order will be transmitted to the mainframe ordering system.

Once an order has been received by the FTP direct upload site, it is placed in another batch to be processed at one of 7 scheduled batch processing events throughout the day.

8:30 AM CST
10:30 AM CST
12:30 PM CST
2:30 PM CST
4:30 PM CST
7:30 PM CST
11:00 PM CST

Immediately following the next batch processing event your order will be visible to Orgill personnel to verbally verify receipt and processing of your order.


What does this mean to you?

Best case scenario would require about 20 minutes before your Store Front web store order is visible to Orgill support staff.  Worst case scenario (during the day) would require nearly two hours for it to be visible.

If you are close to your shipping / order cut off time DO NOT use Orgill’s Store Front web store.  Enable the legacy FTP direct upload system before finishing your purchase order using this instruction:

Click File – Setup – Suppliers – Orgill – Communication Specifications group box and check the box beside “Force automatic PO Upload” and click save.

All Orgill order systems are active AND independent.  Orders transmitted to all Orgill sites / systems will be fulfilled, this means if you transmit a “backup” copy of an order to another platform THE ORDER WILL BE DUPLICATED.  If you don’t have time for your Orgill Store Front web store order to be processed, don’t use the web store.

Orgill offers many powerful solutions to its market.  Paladin POS is pleased to support all Orgill platforms and processes.  Should you need assistance in determining which Orgill platform is best for you, Paladin’s customer service team is happy to assist you.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact