Build: 8367

Date:  15-Jul-14

Orgill EDI has been updated to correct an oversight in our Orgill EDI engine.  Orgill data has always been correctly used to update minimum Order Quantity values in each store’s all item catalog.  Since the vast majority of new inventory items are known to the all item catalog, new active inventory items were created using up-to-date information.  In rare situations new items are present in electronic invoices and not known to the all item catalog yet.  In these cases minimum Order Quantities were recorded as zero.

This build corrects the oversight as well as enabling a significant feature present in all other Paladin EDI processing systems.  Orgill stores will now benefit from Paladin’s automated Break Pack Threshold calculation system.  The Orgill information screen in File – Setup – Supplier displays a field titled “Break Pack Threshold $”.  You may now identify the economic breakpoint between purchasing full cases of product and purchasing the smaller – Break Pack Quantity (in most cases multiples of 1).

The value gained from this feature is a reduced cost for your replenishment order.  After all, why would you purchase more product (tying up hard earned cash) than you have any chance of selling in a reasonable period of time?  To use the Break Pack Threshold, enter a dollar amount that will be used to judge order quantities.  Below this amount, purchasing a full case is allowed because the total value is low enough not to be a burden on your cash.  Any item needed that results in a case quantity value of greater than the Break Pack Threshold (and is eligible for broken case) will use the item’s break pack quantity as the valid minimum Order Quantity.

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