This feature only applies to stores that use the True Value Hardware EDI system to send and receive purchase orders.

Missing items on received supplier orders are common and can occur for many reasons. In the True Value Hardware EDI ordering system, if items are missing from a complete (fully-received) purchase order (PO), you can create and send a special type of PO for the missing items. Paladin Point of Sale makes this process easy. Simply, create a True Value Hardware PO with the missing items and then designate it as a Missing/Missing Item PO when you process and send the purchase order.

True Value Missing Item PO type

When you choose the Missing/Missing Item PO type, Paladin Point of Sale automatically adds the required TBM prefix to the PO # you entered and adds this special ID to the top of the PO.

True Value Missing Item info on PO

Note: For more information about True Value missing item purchase orders and how they are handled, contact True Value Hardware.

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