Build: 7508.1/2

Date: 01-May-13

This isn’t a stutter. We listen intently to our customers and have learned of a desire to have a Special Order AND an On Hold ticket wrapped into a single event. This makes sense. One customer, one order, some product in stock, some will require Special Orders to fulfill. The commonality in all of this is the desire for a single document to cover all these needs.

We’ve been able to satisfy your request. The corner stone of the Special Order system is the F1 Advanced Lookup – Special Order tab. This wizard is used to create the non-stock special order item the customer desires. A new option has been placed near the top of its window. It now displays a check box beside the label of “Do not create POs for any item past this point”. If you check this box (rather than creating a new special order item) and press F8 Finish you will be returned to the Invoice / Quote screen that now displays a messages stating “Nothing below this point will generate a Purchase Order”.

All part numbers following this message will be placed on hold, but no pending purchase orders will be created for them. If this message line is deleted, everything on screen will generate pending purchase order(s) when the Special Order is saved.

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