Build: 2_555
Build date: 12-Jan-17

You must meet the following Paladin Point of Sale requirements to setup this feature:

  • Paladin Point of Sale version: 2_555 or later
  • Database Version: 4.65 or later

The new RX30 pharmacy integration establishes two-way communication between Paladin Point of Sale and the RX30 pharmacy system. Optionally, RX30 can manage customer account charges and payments with the RX30 accounts receivable (AR) feature.

To set up theRX30 integration in your store, contact Paladin Customer Support (1-800-725-2346, option 2 or

How it works

 RX30 item purchases

When a cashier scans an RX30 barcode, Paladin Point of Sale adds an RX30 line item with the amount due to the invoice. It also updates the customer’s account with any changes. If a customer account is not found, a new account is created.

RX30 item specifics, such as a prescription name or description, are unknown to Paladin Point of Sale and are not added to the invoice.

During the checkout process, required customer signatures are collected. You can also require the cashier to scan the driver’s license of the person picking up the item, or manually enter their ID information. The option to require customer ID information can be turned on by Paladin Customer Support.

After the purchase is complete, the invoice information—including non-prescription items—is saved in Paladin Point of Sale and shared with the RX30 pharmacy system.

RX30 item returns

 A RX30 item return is processed normally by entering a negative quantity on the invoice. When the return is complete, the RX30 pharmacy system is notified. However, the store must manually change the ‘Picked up’ status in the RX30 pharmacy system.

RX30 accounts receivable feature and customer account updates

If the store has an RX30 A/R (accounts receivable) module license and the Enable RX30 AR Integration feature is turned on in Paladin Configuration, the RX30 pharmacy system manages all customer account names, charges and payments, and sends the customer’s name, address and phone information to Paladin Point of Sale.

If the store does not have an RX30 A/R module license, the RX30 pharmacy system only sends the customer’s name to Paladin Point of Sale.

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