Build: 7971

Date: 25-Jan-14

Paladin POS Development is implementing a new software update notification system.  From this point forward information will be streamed to all Paladin POS members as enhancements, fixes and new features are created not when the software is ultimately released to your store.   We recognize the effort and dedication required to review a document like this one!  After all, it is only 27 pages of technical writing that details nearly four months in the life of Paladin POS Development.  Who wouldn’t find this easy to read?

Everyone that is enrolled in the Paladin POS information update system will receive a short email message detailing a single subject that has been completed by Paladin POS Development.  Some weeks will have no messages, other weeks will have several.  But all messages will cover a single subject detailing what to expect in the next release.  This information will also be posted in the Paladin Users Group email forum and the customer portal knowledge base.   Teaser… watch for a new information system feature that will notify logged-in users of newly published features and provide a link to more information including training videos for the displayed feature.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact