Build:  7005.1-2

Date:  25-Jun-12

Power users of the Paladin POS inventory system may benefit from a new screen control option present in this version. If you enable this new control, you will see changes to the method of how “focus” is processed after a new inventory part is recalled from the database. You will also see that the “default tab reset” has been defeated upon saving the displayed item or canceling the displayed item.

Here are the specifics: You may enter a part number for recall from any of the four inventory tabs. Your display will remain on the tab currently displayed, not reset to the Inventory (home) tab. Focus (the blue highlight that indicates where your next entry will be displayed) will remain on the part number field. This allows you to input a part number and press enter to view the item followed immediately by input of another part number and enter to view the next item. No tab changes or Escape key is needed to clear the screen.

Here is the coolest part of these new functions: we didn’t break the previous functionality of moving between fields. Let’s look at the Pricing Tab for example. Focus is on the part number field and we’ve input a part number to recall from the database. Once the item is displayed, focus is still on the part number. Press Enter to move to the first editable field on this page, which would be average cost. After your editing/review of this item is complete select F12 Save or ESC to return focus to the part number field and leave the Pricing Tab displayed. If you desire the screens cleared and the displayed tab reset to the default Inventory tab, simply click the Cancel tab located at the right top corner of the display.

Should you choose to use this new screen control, click File – Setup – Company and scroll down the screen until arriving at the Inventory information group box. Find the label of “Keep Focus on Part Number during Inventory Management” and click its box to enable the feature. Click Save to record your selection.

Enterprise stores: Please be aware this option is Store / Location specific rather than a Global setting.

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