The Winter 2019-2020 Release is rolling out and ready to unlock your business potential with an array of new features, integrations and much more! Take a few minutes to read the summary below.

Introducing Chat Support!

The industry’s best support just got better. Our expert technicians are now just a couple of clicks away where you need it most – directly in Point of Sale. Simply click Help and select Chat Support to get your questions answered and challenges addressed quickly and easily. Learn More


We embrace using specialized software for your business and understand that managing information between multiple systems can be tedious and time-consuming. That’s why we’re constantly developing integrations with third-party software and services to reduce manual tasks and put your data to work.

Below are some of the integrations included in the Winter 2019-2020 Release:

Level the online playing field with big-box stores and online giants by featuring your products and pricing within Google searches. Pointy puts your products in front of more local shoppers improving your online presence and sales performance.
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Streamline your accounting practices no matter what size business you have. Sage 50cloud Accounting  software integrates with Paladin to manage accounting and accounts payable. Watch our webinar

Easily set up, manage and track rental maintenance, inventory and much more with Point of Rental Essentials and process the rental payments in Paladin. Watch our webinar  

New Features

Sell by Weight – New Paladin hardware integrations let you price items by weight at checkout.

The Cardinal Detecto APS30 digital scale makes selling bulk items, from nuts and bolts to flour and fruit, fast and accurate. Fully integrated with Paladin, the rugged stainless steel scale offers durability and provides precise weight measurements from .01 lbs. to 30 lbs. Compact in size, this scale easily fits on any checkout counter.

The Magellan 9800i Scanner Scale combines the precision of a high-performance barcode scanner and the accuracy of a digital scale. Fully integrated with Paladin, this rugged all-in-one scanner scale captures product barcodes, rewards cards, IDs and coupons – both digital and print—and makes it easy to sell bulk products by weight, such as nuts, bolts, flour, fruit, seed and feed.

Itemized Excel statements – Love them or hate them, there are certain business data that is best viewed on Excel spreadsheets. Paladin’s latest release automatically incorporates Excel documents into email billing with charges itemized by project. Learn more

Order Analyst™ – Our powerful Market Driven Inventory Management system gets even stronger with the addition House-Hasson Hardware, one of America’s largest regional wholesalers. Automate ordering and save money by finding the lowest-cost suppliers for your inventory items. 

BOGOs – Buy One, Get One discounts are hands-down the most popular sales promotions in the retail industry. Our BOGO feature lets you design and customize your own BOGO sales. Learn more | Watch our webinar 

Serialization – This new feature enables the tracking of sales and warranty information for any product with a serial number. Learn moreWatch our webinar

Automated Ace pricing plans – This convenient feature automatically creates pricing plans for Ace sales during EDI processing. The default option can be adjusted to allow manual creation of custom pricing plans.

Comparative Revenue reports for department groups – Choose how to group departments and the Comparative Revenue report (Excel version) will automatically create individual worksheets for those specified groups. Learn more

Auto-print yard orders – This new option automatically prints yard orders for items that have a yard order location. If the auto-print option is not selected, the cashier will be prompted to print the yard order when the transaction is complete. Yard orders must be printed at the time of purchase.

New Inventory Items Report – Track the new items that were added to your inventory with the New Inventory Items report. Find it in the Reports module, in the Inventory > History section.

New Ace Order Management System (OMS) – Ace updated requirements for its Order Management System (OMS) that could affect EDI ordering. Our Winter 2019-2020 Release fully supports the new system and does not require any changes to your ordering process, but we ask that you be on the lookout for irregularities.


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