Update kits to current retail prices faster than ever with our new Update Retail All feature. When you use this kit update option, the items in all kits will be updated to current retail prices with one update request.

Note: This new feature compliments the previously-released Update Retail feature that updates a single kit to current retail prices.  

How it works

To update all kit items to the current retail prices simultaneously, in the Invoice/Quote module, click Recall Transactions or press F6, and then select Kits. The new Update Retail All option will appear at the bottom of the Recall Transactions window.

How to update all kits to current retail prices

kits that have out-of-date item prices. To update the outdated kit items to current retail prices, click OK. To cancel the price updates, click Cancel.

Note: If all the item prices in a kit are current, the kit will not appear in the list.

Confirm update kits to current retail

If you click OK to proceed, a message will appear when the price updates are complete.

Message telling that kits were updated

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact support@paladinpos.com.