Get remote stock on hand (SOH) information from your True Value Regional Distribution Center (RDC) when ordering with new Paladin features.

Sort purchase order by RDC availability

When you recall a stored purchase order and True Value is the selected supplier, you have the option to sort the purchase order by these categories which reflect RDC availability:

  • SUPPLIER OUT OF STOCK: Includes PO items that are not in stock at the RDC.
  • PARTIAL STOCK AVAILABLE: Includes PO items that are in stock at the RDC, but not enough to cover your current order quantity.
  • STOCK AVAILABLE: Includes PO items that are in stock at the RDC for your order quantity.

Note: Stock balances are updated in Paladin during EDI processing for the RDC location you designate when you process the RDC Balance file. See details at the end of this feature notice.

To use this feature, in the PO module click Recall PO (or press F6), highlight the PO, and then select the Supplier Stock Check checkbox before you click Recall (or press F12). 

True Value PO -- Supplier Stock Check checkbox

When the PO opens, the order items will be sorted by RDC availability.

Additionally, you can view the RDC stock on hand for any PO line item by highlighting the item and then clicking Stock Check or Transfer (multi-store) or pressing F7. 

The True Value remote stock check shows the location and date of the data in the Description.

Tip If your PO is lengthy, click the binoculars icon and search for “stock” to find the categories.

Search PO feature

Get stock on hand for any inventory item

You can also check stock for any item in the Inventory module. With the item open, click Stock Check or Transfer (multi-store) or press F7  on the bottom ribbon to access stock on hand at your RDC . 

Updating your RDC data during EDI

The True Value RDC stock on hand is updated during EDI processing when you select the RDC Balances file with a specified RDC location.

To enter or edit the RDC location during True Value EDI processing, in the Process True Value Downloads window, click Advanced, enter/edit the RDC location ID in the RDC Balances row, click Save, and then click OK. 

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