Our 2020 Release is rolling out and its array of new features and integrations will enhance the power of Paladin and improve your business’s performance and increase profits! Take a few minutes to read the summary below.


We embrace using specialized software to help you manage your information and your business. This allows us to make Paladin the control panel for all your store’s operations. That’s why we’re constantly developing integrations with specialty software providers and services to reduce the effort it takes to manage your business.

Below are some of the integrations included in the 2020 Release:

Expand your product offerings and draw new customers with the sale of firearms. Our integration with FastBound simplifies the complicated process of selling guns and ammo by making inventory tracking, record-keeping and federal compliance automatic. Learn more | View our webinar

QuickBooks makes accounting easy. Our integration with QuickBooks Online makes keeping and managing your financial information seamless. Learn more

Mobile Devices and Apps

Touch Dynamic Quest III: Take the power of Paladin anywhere in your store with this agile 10-inch Windows tablet. It allows you to do everything from checking and ordering inventory to checking out a customer. It runs Office 365 and other Windows programs and features a barcode scanner and both chip and swipe credit card readers. The tablet is EMV Level 3 certified, compatible with Datacap and WorldPay, and supports signature capture. It also connects your store’s database, printers and more via your store’s Wi-Fi.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2: Sell anytime, anywhere through our Mobile2 suite of products and partner integrations with this compact 8-inch tablet. Collect signatures and process payments inside or out with the weather-resistant S Pen and screen. A uDynamo card reader is also available.

Ingenico Lane 7000/8000 payment terminals – Enhance your customer checkout experience stand with these user-friendly, multimedia touchscreen payment processors with built-in signature capture PIN pad. They accept all major payment types including touchless and feature a stylus for quick signature capture.

Verifone P400 – Take your customer service to a new level with this nimble and customizable checkout device. It features a conventional pin pad and a color touchscreen. The new user interface makes customer checkout quick and easy.

Our Mobile2Checkout app, designed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and other Android devices, can now recall quotes and show sale prices for standard pricing plans (loyalty program sales and points are not currently supported).  Learn more

Smith Drug EDI Support – Paladin has added Smith Drug to its list of supported EDI systems.

New Features

New Help Request Portal – Get the help you need quickly and accurately through our new Help Request Portal. The new portal automatically identifies your account and provides unique information about its equipment, system configuration, along with any features or integrations. This allows our support team to more quickly troubleshoot and resolve your inquiry. Learn more | Webinar

Numbered quotes – Provide added service to contractors, businesses or customers who do a lot of projects by numbering their quotes. This feature automatically adds a reference number to the quote, so you can find it again quickly. Learn more

Thousand Board Feet pricing – View item price and cost in thousand board feet (MBF), thousand square feet (MSF) or TON units when you sell product or view your inventory. Although prices appear in the alternate units, you still sell by the piece. Learn more

Square Footage calculator – Paladin has long provided tools that simplify the often-complicated process of selling lumber and building materials. Our newest tool—the Square Footage Calculator—helps you sell items in both varying lengths and widths. Learn more

EDI freight cost – Add freight cost to inventory received by EDI and distribute it by cost or weight. Learn more

PO for backordered items – Have just a few remaining items on an order? A new Revise PO feature will create a new PO for the back-ordered items and close the existing PO. Learn more

High precision PO quantity and cost – During order creation, you can add more precise quantity and price values to your PO with the Add Precision option in the Quick Access (right-click) menu. Learn more

Customized email messages – Thank a customer for their business, alert them of upcoming promotions, and more with our new customized messages on emailed invoices. This new feature is a cost-free way to build strong relationships with shoppers every time they’re emailed an invoice. Learn more

Paladin report enhancements – The Excel version of the Transaction Report offers a Customer Friendly view that does not include Department, Cost and Margin data. And, the Credit Card Deposit Report is now available in Excel with data filtered onto separate worksheets by terminal or employee. Learn more

Fee Details Report – Government and regulatory agencies often assess fees on products that require recycling or environmental remediation. This valuable report provides accounting details on the extra fees collected for the products you sell. Learn more

Weekday-only option for automated reports – Paladin scheduled (preset) reports can be run on weekdays only with a new Daily – Exclude Weekends option.  Learn more

Special order rewards exclusion – A new configuration setting will automatically exclude special order transactions from earning rewards. This feature is available for Ace Rewards, Rich Rewards and RepeatRewards. Learn more

Order Analyst™ – Our powerful Market Driven Inventory Management™ system gets even stronger with the addition Emery Jensen Distribution, a coast-to-coast wholesale distributor. Automate ordering and save money by finding the lowest-cost suppliers for your inventory items. Learn more

View images in Advanced Lookup – View images of Ace Hardware or True Value items in the Advanced Lookup window. Learn more

Signatures are no longer collected for EMV (chip) card transactions – You’re checkout process becomes even more efficient and touchless when your customer doesn’t have to sign. This is possible because Visa and Mastercard no longer require signatures for EMV (chip) credit card purchases. Learn more

Scan credit cards to put them on-file (EMV) – EMV-enabled stores now have the option to scan a credit card to put in on-file. Learn more

Individual taxes on receipts – When you choose to show individual taxes on receipts, such as state, county and city taxes, the tax amounts will appear to six decimal places – designated with a tilde (~) – to show they are calculated to even higher precision. We have determined that this is the best and most accurate way to display itemized taxes on receipts. Learn more

Ace EDI – Paladin now supports automatic overnight processing of Ace Hotsheets and maintenance updates, further streamlining inventory management. Learn more

Ace Promotion Accounting – We’ve made some changes to how Instant Savings and Dynamic Promotions are recorded and reported. Learn more

Ace Big Green Egg online orders –A new utility ensures that customers can order Big Green Egg products online (acehardware.com) for pick up in your store. Learn more

Ace RSC Stock Availability – Get real-time Retail Support Center (RSC) stock availability on purchase orders, so you can quickly make adjustments. Learn more

Ace SKU Conversion Tool – Ace stores can easily convert their Valspar inventory part numbers to Benjamin Moore part numbers as the company expands its presence in Ace stores. Learn more

True Value EDI – Our integration with True Value has been enhanced with many additional EDI capabilities. Learn more

True Value Stock Availability – Get up-to-date Regional Distribution (RDC) stock availability on purchase orders, so you can easily adjust your orders. Learn more

True Value automated pricing plans – Paladin will automatically build pricing plans when you choose to participate in True Value sales. Learn more

DIB RSC Stock Availability – Get warehouse stock availability on purchase orders, so you can quickly make adjustments. Learn more

Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (ePDMP) – This new feature, available for Speed Script users, lets stores record who picks up a controlled substance prescription, further protecting stores and customers from liability and compliance issues. Learn more

Admin Access level replaces admin passwords – Admin passwords are a thing of the past, thanks to a new employee Admin Access level. Learn more

Learn more about the 2020 Release in our webinar.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact support@paladinpos.com.