Build: 2_1213
Build date: 9-Mar-18

Why is an initial stock on hand value important?

To analyze and reconcile and item’s stock on hand (SOH) changes, you need to know the initial SOH value when the item was added to your inventory.  In Paladin Point of Sale, the SOH history and Shrinkage history record an item’s SOH changes over time due to inventory counting and receiving.

What’s new with this update

In the Inventory module, when a new inventory item is added, the intital stock on hand value will be recorded in the item’s Stock on Hand history and Shrinkage history. To view the Stock on Hand history or Shrinkage history, in the Inventory module, open the item, and then click the Stock on Hand or Shrinkage magnifying glasses.

Stock on hand (SOH) history viewer

stock on hand history viewer

Shrinkage history viewer

Shrinkage history viewer

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