Build: 2_710
Build date:  24-May-17

A special order deposit amount will be applied as a Charge payment when the customer pays the remaining special order balance.

During this final transaction, if the deposit has been incorrectly applied to the customer’s account balance or other invoice, the deposit will be automatically removed and reassigned to the special order.

In the Customers mode, when you click Payment Management or press F6 to open the Payment Management window, you can identify special order deposits by this note:

S/O Deposit dd-mmm-yy Deposit: $ On: $wx.yz


  • dd-mmm-yy is the date of the deposit
  • $ is the deposit amount
  • $wx.yz is the special order total when the deposit was made.
    Note: The special order deposit note is recorded when the deposit is made. This note will not be updated if the special order is edited and the total changes.

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