Build: 2_1117
Build date: 26-Jan-18

Pharmacies that use more than one dispensing system will gain greater efficiency and enhanced customer service with our support for simultaneous multiple pharmacy integration. This powerful enhancement automates the exchange of customer and Rx information between multiple pharmacy systems and Paladin Point of Sale—including customer rewards and address information.

Previously, this capability could only be set up for one pharmacy system.

How it works

When this feature is set up, and you scan a prescription, Paladin Point of Sale will look for a predefined code at the beginning or end the prescription number. The code identifies the pharmacy system, so direct communication with that system can proceed.

Note: One of the systems can be distinguished from the others by not having a code.

Multiple pharmacy integrations with Paladin Point of Sale

This requirement still applies: Prescriptions from different pharmacy systems cannot be combined on the same invoice, and must be sold separately.

Behind-the-scenes details

Pharmacy systems must add their assigned code to the prescription number and barcode that is scanned by the cashier. This code will appear on the invoice and the customer’s receipt.

If required by the pharmacy system, Paladin Point of Sale can remove the code from the prescription numbers before purchase information is returned to the pharmacy system. To help identify the pharmacy system, the invoice and receipt will always show the pharmacy code.

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