Build:  8459

Date:  19-Sep-14

As many pharmacies have learned from SIGIS publications and emails, a new more secure data transmission system has been constructed.  SIGIS will turn off the previous download system in approximately 10 weeks.

Paladin POS, as of this build number, has been updated to work flawlessly with the new SIGIS system.  And as always, updates to Paladin POS are completely automatic and require nothing be performed by any user.

The new SIGIS communication system however DOES require you perform several steps to create the secure connection between their servers and your pharmacy.  To better serve you, the customer service specialists at Paladin POS created a step by step process you may follow to achieve a successful connection to the new SIGIS servers.  We will email these instructions to all pharmacies over the next few weeks to assure everyone understands how to complete the new connection.

Build 8459 (or newer) is expected to be released to all pharmacies early October 2014.  Follow this instruction to view the build number current installed on your terminal:

Click the Help menu and click About.  The version (build) number has four parts separated by periods:  When the third part  (yyyy) matches or exceeds build 8459, this is proof the new version has been successfully installed.  If you fail to update, click Help, click Open A Case and advise Paladin Customer Service of your situation.

Once your pharmacy is running build 8459 (or newer), perform the steps detailed in the following link.

Remember, SIGIS requires a monthly download of their Eligible Products list to retain your pharmacies FSA certification.  Don’t let your FSA certification lapse!

Any questions regarding the reasoning or need for the added security should be directed to the SIGIS organization at or call 1 925 855 3228.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact