Note: BlueTarp is now Capital One Trade Credit

What if you could offer a credit option to your business customers, and always get paid?

What if you didn’t have to take on your customer’s credit risk?

What if you received guaranteed cash flow from credit purchases on a schedule that you choose?

With BlueTarp® credit management services, this ideal can be your reality.

BlueTarp® extends credit to your customers, takes on the risk of non-payment, and pays you upfront when your customers make purchases.

And—when you become a BlueTarp® partner—our Paladin Point of Sale BlueTarp® integration will provide seamless support and these features:

  • Accept BlueTarp® payments from your customers with a BlueTarp® account.
  • Easily link a customer in Paladin Point of Sale with their BlueTarp® account.
  • Apply BlueTarp® payments at checkout with a new payment option.

To find out more about BlueTarp® credit management services, visit BlueTarp.

If you are a BlueTarp® partner (or when you become one), contact Paladin Support to turn on the Paladin Point of Sale BlueTarp® integration and features.

After you are setup with our BlueTarp integration, use the following procedures to associate a customer with their BlueTarp account, and accept BlueTarp payments for their purchases.

How to associate a Paladin Point of Sale customer account with a BlueTarp account

IMPORTANT: A customer must have a zero credit balance with your store

  1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. In the Customers module, open the customer account.
    • If the customer does not have an account, create a new customer account.
  3. Click the Balances tab, and verify that the customer has a zero balance with your store.
    Important: If the balance is not zero, you cannot associate their BlueTarp account with this customer. If you encounter this scenario, you can optionally create a second account in Paladin Point of Sale for BlueTarp purchases, and then merge the two accounts when the store balance is zero.
  4. With the customer account open, on the bottom ribbon, click Assign Ext. Credit Mgmt System.
  5. Select Associate Existing Customer.
  6. In the Search On list, search for the BlueTarp business account using any of these options:
  7. Click Retrieve Customers.
  8. In the list of search results, select the customer.
  9. Click Register to associate the BlueTarp account. If the association is successful, the External Credit Management Association window will close,
  10. On the bottom ribbon, click Save.

After you associate the customer’s BlueTarp account a customer, in the Invoice/Quote module, on the Checkout tab, on the bottom ribbon, BlueTarp will replace Charge as a payment type.

Note: BlueTarp ID can only be associated with one Paladin Point of Sale customer.

How to charge a purchase to BlueTarp

Note: To make a purchase using BlueTarp, the customer’s BlueTarp account must be associated with the customer in Paladin Point of Sale.

  1. In the Invoice/Quote module, select the customer account.
  2. Add the customer’s items to the invoice, and then click Checkout or press F8.
  3. On the bottom ribbon, click BlueTarp or press F2.

    The BlueTarp payment will appear with the label Ext Charge.

  4. In the Invoice Information window, in the BlueTarp Purchaser list, select the customer who is making the purchase. If their name is not in the list, and they have their BlueTarp card, you can enter their BlueTarp card number.
  5. Click Next to complete the sale.

Additional notes:

  • If a customer has reached their BlueTarp credit limit, the BlueTarp payment type will be unavailable.
  • If the invoice total due exceeds the customer’s BlueTarp available credit, the BlueTarp payment (with the label Ext Charge) is set to the BlueTarp available credit balance.


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