Build: 2_1125
Build date: 30-Jan-18

Purchase orders with notes only are useful when you need to provide a narrative to a supplier instead of a list of part numbers. In the PO module, you can create a notes-only purchase order and process it in the same way you’d process a normal purchase order.

To process a notes-only purchase order, create the purchase order and enter your narrative using note line items only. Then, send the purchase order to your supplier.

To receive the notes-only purchase order, in the PO module, in the PO Receive mode, click Find PO, and then select All POs. The purchase order will appear in the list, and you can complete the receiving process. No inventory items will be updated.

Note: In the you select Open POs instead of All POs, in the Find PO window, the notes-only purchase order will not appear.

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