We’re excited to introduce our first release of 2021—Paladin Release 2021-A—with features and enhancements to help your business prosper.

Paladin Release 2021-A build: 4247.9


Pick List

Make it easy for your fulfillment department to complete orders by handing them a Pick List spreadsheet with outstanding order items and quantities.

In the Invoice/Quote module, the Pick List feature is available in the Recall Transaction window when you view your orders. Learn more

Pick List feature

Remove older quotes automatically

Declutter your stored quotes by automatically deleting older quotes after a period you specify in a new configuration setting. Learn more

Mobile2Checkout Skip Signature feature

Skip the signature requirement when you process a purchase on the Mobile2Checkout app.

The signature skip feature follows the skip signature criteria specified in Paladin and requires version 1.1.5 of the Mobile2Checkout app.

Tip If you haven’t upgraded the Mobile2Checkout app recently, you likely have a previous version. To request a Mobile2Checkout app upgrade, contact Paladin Support

Mobile2Checkout skip signature button

Transaction Report includes Rewards IDs

The Excel version of the Transaction Report has added columns for customer alternate IDs, such as rewards numbers.

The report will include up to three alternate IDs and provides the alternate ID value and type.

Transaction Report adds rewards columns

New Ace Rewards members must accept Terms and Conditions 

When a customer signs up for Ace Rewards, they are now required to accept Ace Rewards Terms and Conditions and must provide an acceptance signature to complete the sign up process. In Paladin, the acceptance and signature screens appear to the customer on the payment/signature capture device(s) after the customer information is entered. Paladin notifies the cashier as the customer goes through the acceptance process. We recommend that you keep a printed copy of the Ace Rewards Terms and Conditions at the checkout counter for the customer’s reference. The Ace Rewards Terms and Conditions text will not be accessible from the payment terminal.

If your store does not have a signature screen, this step is skipped in Paladin and the Terms and Conditions must be accepted by another method.

Support for Ace Hardware protection plans purchased on acehardware.com

To support the new Ace Hardware protection plans for acehardware.com purchases, we’ve automatically added protection plan part numbers to your inventory. These part numbers are required to store invoices for buy online/pick up in store purchases that include a protection plan. No action is required on your part. If you have questions about the new Ace protection plan program, contact your Ace representative.

True Value RSC quantities automatically update nightly

True Value RSC stock on hand will be updated automatically overnight, eliminating the need to manually process the True Value RDC Balances EDI file. Learn more

Warehouse stock availability for Do It Best and Orgill

Do It Best and Orgill warehouse stock-on-hand (SOH) quantities are now available in Paladin during ordering and when you view an inventory item. Once enabled, warehouse SOH is updated hourly. Learn more

Warehouse stock availability includes two features:

Sort your purchase order by supplier availability (image)

PO sorted by warehouse availability

Get real-time SOH for inventory items on POs and in the Inventory module (image)


Warehouse SOH for PO and inventory items

Charge Customer Email Utility

Send an email to all your charge customers (accounts with a non-zero credit limit). Learn more

Charge Customer Email Utility

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact support@paladinpos.com.