IMPORTANT: If you use the delivery scheduling system in Paladin Point of Sale (or are interested in trying it), read this feature announcement to find out important new changes and enhancements to the delivery scheduling system.

These changes and enhancements are part of our October 2018 General Release that is currently being installed in stores.

We’ve redesigned our delivery scheduling system to increase efficiency, reduce steps, and help protect employees from making unintended mistakes.

These enhancements feature a new, more intuitive process and many new features.

The Schedule Delivery feature has moved to the Checkout tab with a new workflow

To improve the workflow for customer purchases, in the Invoice/Quote module, we moved the Schedule Delivery feature from the Invoice/Quote tab (where items are added to the invoice) to the Checkout tab (where the customer payment is processed).

Schedule Delivery button moves to Checkout tab

Note: This change lets you schedule deliveries for recalled quotes and orders managed by the Order Manager feature. To learn more, see Turn quotes into orders with the new Order Manager.

Deliveries are initiated before payment is taken and scheduled after the payment is processed

To ensure that the invoice items are paid for before the delivery is scheduled, delivery details are collected after the customer payment is processed.

However, you must initiate the delivery before payment is taken. To do this, on the Checkout tab, before you select a payment type, click Schedule Delivery or press F10 to initiate the delivery process. The Schedule Delivery feature will be outlined in red to show that you intend to schedule a delivery.

Delivery details will not be collected at this time. This is a process change. Previously, the delivery details were collected immediately after initiating the Schedule Delivery feature.

After Schedule Delivery clicked, checkout screens shows message that delivery details will be collected at checkout.

If you decide you don’t want to schedule a delivery, click Schedule Delivery again, and then the red outline and message text will disappear.

Deliveries are scheduled in the payment wizard  

After the payment is processed, a payment wizard collects additional information about the transaction. The payment wizard will now also collect the delivery details in two steps.

Checkout wizard flow including two delivery details screens

Project information auto-fills delivery address values

In the Invoice Information step (STEP 1 in the picture), when you select a project, the project information will auto-fill the Address 1 and Address 2 values for the delivery address in a later step. The remaining address values–City, State, and Zip–will be filled in from the customer’s account. This feature saves time and helps protects you from mistakes due to human error.

Project address becomes default delivery address

Note: The Invoice Information step appears for charge and credit card purchases only, when you select a customer for the invoice.

Deliveries can be scheduled for a specific time window in addition to a date

A significant new feature lets you choose a precise time and duration for a delivery, in addition to the delivery date, all before your customer leaves the store. This time-saving and customer-friendly feature streamlines the delivery scheduling process and frees time up for you to grow your business in other ways.

When you leave the Invoice Information step, the first of two Schedule Delivery steps will appear. In the first Schedule Delivery step, you can select the date and time window (start time and duration values), as well as enter familiar delivery details.

Note: You can set the delivery time increment to 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes. For details, see the Delivery configuration options section at the end of this article.

Schedule a delivery - delivery details screen

After you schedule a delivery, the delivery date and time window that you specified will become unavailable for future deliveries for the selected Truck.

In the pictured example, a 60-minute delivery was scheduled for Delivery Truck 2 from 11:00 AM – 12 noon on 02-Oct-18. Afterwards, when you schedule another 60-minute delivery for the same truck and date, the start times 10:30 AM, 11:00 AM, and 11:30 AM will not be available because they conflict with a previously-scheduled delivery.

Selected delivery time removed from the list of available times for future deliveries

You can add a phone number to the delivery

In the Schedule Delivery window, you can specify a delivery contact Phone number. The phone number is optional by default.

You can make the delivery phone number a requirement. For details, see the Delivery configuration options section at the end of this article.

Schedule delivery screen with phone number

And finally, the delivery address

The last step is to verify the auto-filled address.  You can also make changes.

Schedule delivery - Delivery address screen

The delivery invoice includes the delivery phone number and PO number

The delivery invoice will include the phone number and the PO number that you entered. Also, on all invoices, the delivery section has been condensed, so you can save paper when printing.

Delivery invoice updates

The SHIP TO address on the large form invoice shows the delivery address

Delivery address added to invoice

Invoices can be automatically attached to the customer’s delivery notification email

You can attach the invoice to the customer’s automated delivery notification email. This feature must be turned on in Paladin Configuration. For details, see the Delivery configuration options section at the end of this article.

Mobile2Deliver enhancements

With Mobile2Deliver, you can view deliveries sorted by date and time.

Mobile 2 Delivery app -- Sort deliveries by time

Scheduled deliveries can be viewed in Excel

In the Recall Transaction window, when you view scheduled deliveries, you can click View in Excel to view the list of deliveries in Excel.

View delivery information in Excel

Delivery configuration options

You can customize the delivery scheduling system for your store with Paladin Configuration settings.

How to access the delivery scheduling settings

  1. On the File menu, click Setup.
  2. In the Paladin Configuration window, click the Delivery  tab.
  3. In the Delivery Options and Delivery Truck panes, specify your preferred options. Descriptions are provided in the tables below.
  4. Click Save, and then click Close.

Delivery Options pane settings

To do this Use this setting
To require a delivery truck selection when the delivery is scheduled Select Delivery Truck Required
To require a phone number when the delivery is scheduled Select Phone Number Required
To attach a copy of the invoice to the automated delivery notification email. Select Attach Invoice to Delivery Emails
To define the range of available delivery times Set Delivery Hours (start and end times)
To set the delivery time increment in minutes


Delivery time windows can be set in multiples of this time increment.

Select a Delivery Slot Interval from these values: 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes


Delivery Truck pane settings

To do this Use this setting
To name and set up delivery trucks

Each truck will appear in the list of available trucks when you schedule a delivery and will have its own time schedule.

In the Delivery Trucks pane, for each delivery truck, enter a Name, and then click Save.

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