Build: 2_1215
Build date: 12-Mar-18

Get more control over what appears on sales invoices and receipts with two new options:

  • Show the item’s primary part number, regardless of what part number (primary or an alternate part number) was entered or scanned. Do not show the alternate part number.
  • Prevent manager override notes from appearing.

To turn on these options, follow these steps:

  1. On the File menu, click Setup.
  2. Click the Forms  tab.
  3. In the Form Information pane, select your preferred options.
    To do this for invoices and receipts Select this checkbox
    Always show the item’s primary part number and do not show alternate part numbers. Invoice/Receipt Show Primary Partnumber
    Prevent manager override notes from appearing.


    Invoice/Receipt Hide Mgr Override Notes
  4. Click Close, and then click Yes to save your changes.

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