Build: 2_1196
Build date: 1-Mar-18

A new General Ledger Summary tab-delimited export option (Tab Delimited With Dates) will add the store name and date range of the summary at the beginning of the export file. If you view the export file in Excel, this information will appear in the first row.

GL Summary Excel report with store name and dates

The new Tab Delimited With Dates export option appears in the list of export file types on the GL Summary tab in the Data Viewer. A detailed process for creating this file is provided below.

Tab Delimited with Dates option for GL Summary Report

How to create a tab-delimited General Ledger Summary file with your store name and dates

  1. On the Maintain menu, click Data Viewer
  2. Click the GL Summary tab
  3. Select a date range, and then click Get Data.
  4. In the list of export file types. select Tab Delimited With Dates, and then click Export.
  5. Save the tab-delimited file to your computer and make a note of the file location. The file will have a .txt extension.

Optional: To view the file, open Microsoft Excel, search for and open the file you saved, and then accept the default import options.

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