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As a Paladin client, you have access to a variety of full-featured and easy-to-use rewards programs that integrate seamlessly with Paladin Point of Sale.

Why is a customer loyalty program important?

It’s simple:

  • You’ll make more money. Loyalty programs foster good relationships with your best customers. According to Northwestern University’s Center for Retail Management, only about 15% of customers are loyal to a single retailer, but they generate between 55% and 70% of company sales. The Loyalty Report (, a survey of 28,000 consumers, showed 81% say loyalty programs make them more likely to continue shopping with a business, and 66% of them spend more to maximize loyalty benefits.
  • Loyal customers help attract new customers. Word of mouth referrals work and studies show referred customers have a 37% higher retention rate. Loyalty programs can reward customers for referrals which makes them more likely to tell a friend about your business.
  • It’s a good investment. The cost of keeping good customers is approximately seven times less than the cost of advertising and marketing to find new ones. Over the past four years, enrollment in loyalty programs has grown over 31%.

How will the Sign Up button supercharge my Rewards program?

Our new Sign Up button identifies potential rewards members from your customer database when they make their next purchase. With a click of a button, the cashier can sign up the customer instantly and turn their current purchase into rewards points.

This simple and quick sign up process helps maximize the number of customers in your rewards program, so you can reap the financial benefits of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

How it works

In the Invoice/Quote module, when you select a customer from the Customers list who is not a Rich Rewards member, the Rewards box turns into a Sign Up button.

When the cashier clicks Sign Up, a rewards sign up window will appear, and the cashier can quickly enroll the customer in your rewards program. Because this occurs during the invoicing process, the customer will earn rewards points for the current purchase.

Your rewards program will also reward you

When you use your rewards program to nurture your customer relationships, you are investing in your business success. Remember that loyalty programs offer businesses a variety of benefits they can’t buy: a strong customer base, a solid brand image, and great community feedback. And they provide these benefits for little investment or effort.

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