Why is a customer loyalty program important?

It’s simple:

You’ll make more money. Loyalty programs foster good relationships with your best customers. According to Northwestern University’s Center for Retail Management, only about 15% of customers are loyal to a single retailer, but they generate between 55% and 70% of company sales. The Loyalty Report (http://infobrandloyalty.com/2017-loyalty-report), a survey of 28,000 consumers, showed 81% say loyalty programs make them more likely to continue shopping with a business, and 66% of them spend more to maximize loyalty benefits.

Loyal customers help attract new customers. Word of mouth referrals work, and studies show, referred customers have a 37% higher retention rate. Loyalty programs can reward customers for referrals which makes them more likely to tell a friend about your business.

It’s a good investment. The cost of keeping good customers is approximately seven times less than the cost of advertising and marketing to find new ones. Over the past four years, enrollment in loyalty programs has grown over 31%.

About True Value Rewards and Paladin Point of Sale

The True Value Rewards program encourages customers to shop at your store, so they can earn and redeem their rewards. The result is more sales for you and a happier clientele. It’s a win-win situation.

Paladin Point of Sale offers seamless support for this business-building program through our True Value Rewards integration.

With the True Value Rewards integration you can:

  • Look up any True Value Rewards member by phone number when they make a purchase
  • Sign up customers with True Value Reward when they make a purchase
  • Sign up customers with True Value Rewards in the Customers module
  • Scan and apply True Value Rewards coupons to a sale
  • Keep up to date with coupon offers with the True Value EDI system and view their impact on your daily financial reports.

How it works

Set up the True Value Rewards integration

Paladin Support will set up the True Value integration in Paladin Point of Sale.

Note: To use this integration, your store must participate in the True Value Rewards program.

Look up existing True Value Rewards members and sign up new ones

When a customer makes a purchase, you can search for the customer’s True Value Rewards ID by phone number or rewards ID from the True Value Rewards search window. When you click Search, Paladin Point of Sale contacts True Value Rewards to find a matching member. 

True Value window prompts for rewards ID

What happens when you perform a True Value Rewards member search depends on whether the member is found and if they are in you customer database. We will show the possibilities as four scenarios.

Scenario 1

When: The True Rewards member is found and is a customer in your store database.

This happens: Both the rewards ID and customer are automatically added to the invoice.

True Value Rewards customer selected on invoice

Scenario 2

When: A True Value Rewards member is found, but they are not in your store’s database.

This happens:  The rewards ID is added to the invoice and you have the option to add the customer in Paladin Point of Sale.

Message asking if you want to add True Value Rewards member as customer

Scenario 3

When: A True Value Rewards member is not found, and the customer is in your store’s database.

This happens: The customer is selected, and a Sign Up button appears. Click Sign Up to instantly enroll the customer in True Rewards. When you do this, the new rewards ID is added to the invoice and saved in Paladin Point of Sale for the customer’s future purchases.

True Value Rewards Sign Up button when customer selected

Scenario 4

When: The customer was not found in your store’s database or by True Value Rewards.

This happens: A Sign-Up option appears. Click Sign-Up or press 2 to enroll the customer in True Value Rewards. The customer and their rewards member ID are added to your customer data.

Scan Rewards ID window and Rewards Sign Up window

Sign up a True Value Rewards member in the Customers module

In the Customers module, you can enroll a customer in True Value Rewards on the Electronic tab, using the Alternate ID Manager. Simply select True Value Rewards as the ID type, and then click Enroll.

True Value Rewards Enroll button in Alternate ID window

Note: The True Value Rewards member search window can appear at the when you start an invoice, when you begin the payment process or both. 

Apply a True Value Rewards coupon to a sale

True Value Rewards coupons are specific to each rewards customer and contain a custom coupon barcode ID. The barcode ID consists of a customer-specific code and a coupon type code. To redeem a customer’s coupon, you must scan the coupon’s barcode or type in the full barcode ID. The full barcode ID will appear in a note below the coupon invoice line item.

Coupon barcode parts: customer specific code+coupon code

Paladin Point of Sale will validate the coupon with True Value Rewards when you process the sale. If the coupon has already been used or is not valid for another reason, the transaction will be not completed, and a message window appears with the reason that was provided by True Value Rewards. When this happens, options let you stop the checkout process and remove the coupon or continue and accept the coupon anyway.

Manage True Value coupons through EDI

True Value coupon information is updated in Paladin Point of Sale through the True Value EDI system. When you download and process a set of True Value EDI files, a Purchase Order Update Settings window will appear.  If coupon files were downloaded, the (new) Coupon Updates checkbox will be automatically selected. In most cases, no changes are needed in this window. When you click OK to continue with EDI processing, the coupon information will be updated in Paladin Point of Sale.

True Value EDI download file window  

Send True Vale Rewards information in nightly uploads

Paladin Point of Sale automatically sends a variety of information to True Value during your store’s nightly uploads. This information may include True Value Rewards data.  

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact support@paladinpos.com.