This feature applies to Ace Rewards, Rich Rewards and Repeat Rewards.

In a just few steps, you can automatically exclude special orders from earning rewards.

Step 1: In Paladin, go to File > Setup > Class tab and create a new class for special orders. We suggest a class name like this: SO Rewards Exclusion

  • Ace Rewards only: Select the No Rewards checkbox before you click Save. Make a note of the new class ID.
    • IMPORTANT: To exclude classes from Ace Rewards, in addition to selecting this checkbox, you must also have a signed Addendum to your Ace Rewards Retailer agreement that specifies the classes for Ace to exclude. 
  • Rich Rewards or Repeat Rewards only: Click Save and make a note of the new class ID. Do not select No Rewards because it only applies to Ace Rewards. Instead, open Rewards. In the Exclude Classes from Rich Rewards or Exclude Classes from RepeatRewards pane, enter the new class ID, click Add Class and then click Save.

Step 2: Open the Company tab. In the Special Orders pane, in the Default Class for Special Order Items box enter the class ID for the class you just created. Save your changes and restart Paladin.

Step 3: Restart Paladin.

After you perform these steps, all new special orders will be assigned to the SO Rewards Exclusion class and automatically excluded from your designated rewards program.

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