Build: 2_872
Build date:  12-Sep-17

As part of ongoing EDI system upgrades, we’ve made the changes to how EDI files are stored on your computer.

With this update, all unprocessed EDI files will remain in the EDI supplier’s main folder (C:PaladinPOSExport) and a copy of all processed files will be in the supplier’s backup folder (C:PaladinPOSExportbackup). Previously, processed and unprocessed files could be in the same folder. Additional changes and details are provided in the table below.

These improvements will be transparent for many users. However, if you delay EDI processing after you download files, use the EDI Preview feature or do a lot of manual EDI processing, read on to learn more.

What’s new What happened before this update
After EDI files are downloader, a date stamp is added to the file name. Files remain in the supplier’s main folder until they are processed. This allows multiple unprocessed EDI files to reside in the same folder. Previously, if new versions of EDI files were downloaded before the older files were processed, the older unprocessed files were move to the backup folder with the word UNPROCESSED appended to the file name.


In this scenario, you would not see the older unprocessed files unless you looked in the backup folder.


After EDI files are processed, the original file is deleted for all suppliers.


Note: A copy of the EDI file is always created before the file is processed, and is always available in the supplier’s backup folder. This process has not changed.


Previously, processed files were only deleted for some suppliers.



When you use the EDI Preview feature, the downloaded EDI file is not modified or moved. Previously, the EDI Preview process would treat a file like a normal EDI process by creating a copy of the original file and moving the copy to the backup folder. After the EDI Preview processing completed, the original file would be deleted.



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