Build: 2_1214
Build date: 9-Mar-18

Need more time? Automated electronic processes, such as EDI processing, are powerful cost-effective time savers that let you manage your store efficiently. To ensure seamless EDI processing, Paladin Point of Sale is continually adding safeguards.

One of these safeguards helps prevent invoices from being processed more than once. If an EDI invoice file is processed a second time, duplicate transactions may be created and your stock on hand quantities may be adversely affected.

To prevent this scenario, Paladin Point of Sale pauses EDI processing when a previously-processed invoice is identified, and a message appears. To continue EDI processing, in the EDI Processing message window, you must choose from these options:

  • Click No to skip the invoice and continue processing the file.
  • Click Yes to process the invoice anyway.
    • Caution: If you process the invoice, you may create a duplicate transaction and stock on hand quantities may be incorrect.

To apply your choice again to any other previously processed invoices in the current   EDI invoice file, select the Apply to All checkbox.

App.y to all checkbox for how to process duplicate invoices in an EDI file

A record of your choices appears in the EDI Processing message log in the EDI Processing window. To print or save this log when EDI Processing is complete, click Print Log.


EDI Print log with skipped duplicate invoice history

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