Build: 2_884
Build date: 21-Sep-17 Case 93277

The following updates were made to pharmacy receipt notes.

Changes for pharmacy stores that use a Paladin Point of Sale pharmacy integration:

  • You can customize the invoice note that appears when you offer a pharmacist consult. (Steps are provided below.)

    If you do not customize this invoice note, the default text is used and has not changed: Customer was offered a consult

  • If the checkout process is cancelled for a pharmacy item, then restarted and subsequently completed, the invoice will only display HIPPA, safety cap or similar notes one time. Previously, in this scenario, notes could be duplicated.

Changes for all pharmacy stores:

When the customer accepts or declines the consultation, the invoice notes have been updated to:

  • Pharmacist Consult Accepted
  • Pharmacist Consult Declined

Note: For pharmacies that are not set up with a pharmacy integration system, for this text to appear, the Enable Pharmacy Consult option must be selected on the Pharmacy tab in Paladin Configuration.

How to customize the invoice note that appears when a pharmacist consultation is offered

  1. On the File menu, click Setup.
  2. Click the Pharmacy tab.
  3. In the Pharmacy Integrations Options pane, in the Consult Offered Text box, enter the text you want to display on the invoice.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the window, click Save, and then click Close.

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