Alternate part numbers let you maintain a single inventory item in Paladin Point of Sale when you buy that item from multiple suppliers. During invoicing, an item can be retrieved by any of its part numbers – primary or alternate.

To help protect you from associating unlike items when you manually add alternate part numbers, we’ve added a new safeguard.

How it works

Note: This safeguard only applies to stores that have obscure inventory access turned on.

In the Inventory module, when you view an inventory item and click Alt Part # or press F6 to enter an alternate part number to an active inventory item, Paladin Point of Sale will search the obscure inventory for the number you entered.

If a match is found, a message appears with the obscure item description, and you must decide if the active and obscure items are the same.

Alternate part number found in obscure message

If you are confident that the obscure inventory item matches the active inventory item, click OK or press F8. Then, this happens:

  • The obscure inventory item’s primary and alternate part numbers are added to the active inventory item.
  • The obscure inventory item’s supplier and primary part number are added to the active inventory item’s supplier list.

If you click Cancel, no changes are made.

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