In the PO module, when you right-click a line item, a new Add Precision feature lets you add additional precision to these line item values:

  • Quantity: Up to four decimal places
  • Price: Up to six decimal places

When you select the Add Precision menu option, an Add Precision window appears, and you can enter more precise Quantity and Price values. A real-time Extension value is calculated as you adjust the Quantity and Price.

Entering additional precision in the Add Precision window

When you click Update, the new Quantity, Price and Extension values appear in a note below the line item.

Note: When you update a line item price or quantity to a higher precision, the line item Price may appear as an approximate value that is slightly different than the price you entered. When this happens, a tilde (~) appears next to the price value. This variation is expected and a function of how the feature works. The additional precision is always maintained in the line item Extension.

Add Precision Result 



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