Build: 7971

Date: 25-Jan-14

Margin Master communicates with Paladin POS through an import / export file system.  Beginning with this release, additional information will be sent to your Margin Master application in the hope of supporting enhanced decision making.  From within Margin Master you will be able to see the last year’s sales for each item.

It is important to understand that Paladin POS sales figures are not for calendar months, but instead are for four week periods.  The field representing “current month” is actually the sales for this calendar week plus the three preceding weeks.  Each of the 12 “months” past this point are progressively older four week periods.  So be aware, each item requires the sum of all thirteen four week periods to see a year’s sales history.  Also… any reference by Margin Master to a particular month’s name is entirely erroneous (because these are not months).

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