Build: 7508.1/2

Date: 01-May-13

Use of coupons has proliferated this last year. What was once a seldom used form of payment has caused a frequent headache for stores that need to identify the types of coupons received as payment against their customer’s invoices. To solve this issue for everyone, Paladin POS has added several new coupon specific payment types that can be easily viewed and searched in Paladin Sales Reports.

You may now see these additional types of coupons tendered:

  • Customer Rewards
  • Instant Savings
  • Ace Hardware’s Dynamic Promotions
  • Gift Certificate
  • In Store Coupon
  • Manufacturer Coupon
  • Other Coupon
  • And the original “Coupon” that supports data prior to this update.

Here is really cool part: These new revenue sources don’t clutter up your Comparative Revenue report UNLESS that line type has data to display for either this year or the prior year. This feature will vastly simplify the task of tracking and accounting for coupon use.

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