Build: 7508.1/2

Date: 01-May-13

The Paladin Access Template Database now contains fifteen different Bintags, fifteen Shelf tags, twelve different Signs and seven Item Tags. To refresh everyone’s memory, we’re happy to build custom versions of Bintags, Shelf tags, Signs or Item Tags for a flat $199.00 fee. All we ask is that your idea be reasonably achievable within the data we have available. A master catalog of all Paladin Access Template labels, tags, signs, and reports including pictures of them is available for download as a pdf. Follow the link to document.

As new Access Templates are created we are now adding them to Paladin POS Reports so you can generate your new favorite label from your desktop printer and RF portable printer. In an attempt to standardize names of the labels between Paladin POS and the Access Template Database, we’re updating the names inside Paladin POS to match the names used in the Access Template Database and the printed catalog. Don’t worry; the old verbose label name is still displayed, but in the Report Description window rather than the report list for every bintag that previously had a descriptive name.

In this release of Paladin POS, the following updates have been made to Paladin POS label names:

  • Price-In-Barcode is now Bintag Format #4
  • Consumer Unit is now Bintag Format #3
  • Code 39 Barcode is now Bintag Format #8
  • Customer Friendly is now Bintag Format #9
  • Code 128 Barcode is now Bintag Format #10
  • UPC Barcode is now Bintag Format #10

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