Build:  8058

Date:  03-Mar-14

Bintag / Shelf tag format #22 has been added to Paladin POS desktop label printer library as well as the MS Access Templates for Paladin POS.  13 Bintag / Shelf Tag formats are supported and active inside Paladin POS for the desktop label printers.  The list of available formats is located at File – Setup – Company – Tag Style Group box – Default Bintag Style drop down menu (this is also where you establish the default tag style your employees are to use).

For details as to the content and formatting of these labels, turn to our master Label, Tag, Sign and Report “LTSR” Catalog.  The current version is available from the Paladin Customer portal or simply CLICK HERE.  This catalog provides pictures of all templates along with details of information displayed and compatibility with various printing methods and paper stock.

We suggest you visit the Paladin POS web store to find an ever increasing variety of Bintag and Shelf Tag stock compatible with your desktop label printer. Paladin’s web store is located at and click the Store button (top right of the screen) – Supplies – .Bin Tags or .Shelf Tags.  Both pages detail rolled stock compatible with your desktop label printer (scroll down the display to view).

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact