Build:  8371

Date:  16-Jul-14

Our new feature, if enabled, allows users to search inventory descriptions 1 AND 2 as a single field.  Stores using long and/or complicated descriptions may find benefit from our new search ability.  The benefit gained from our new feature is the ability to find inventory items with a specific phrase contained in their descriptions even if the phrase is split between description 1 and description 2 fields.

A word of caution though; multi word – multi field searches require additional time to execute.  Since every word is a separate search, stores with massive inventories may see slightly slower search returns than has been the norm for Paladin POS.

To enable our new search ability click File – Setup – Company and scroll down the screen to find the Advanced Lookup group box.  Check the box on the field labeled “Search Descriptions 1 and 2 as one field (This will negatively impact all search speeds)”.  Click Save before exiting Setup.

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