Spring 2019 Release

Customer account management and good accounting practices require good documentation. When you keep good records, you’ll have a happier accountant and increased business efficiency.

Our Account Notes feature makes customer record keeping easy. This new Customers module feature lets any employee (with appropriate access) enter detailed notes (up to 650 characters) into your customer’s account. When the employee saves the note, their name, date and time are automatically added for later reference. Account notes for all employees are all saved in one scrollable time-ordered history, easily accessed from the Credit tab in the customers account.

How it works

In the Customers module, customer account notes are entered and viewed on the Credit tab, in the Payment History pane when you click the Account Notes magnifying glass. A message number tells you how many notes you have saved over time.

Account Note Magnifying glass in Customers module

When you click the Account Notes magnifying glass, an Account Notes window appears.

Account Notes window -- enter note and view history

To enter a new note, in the Account Notes window, in the New Note box, enter your note text.

A character counter next to the New Note box tracks the number of characters you use as you enter the note. Account notes are limited to 650 characters A spell-check feature will also highlight potential spelling errors. If you use Word or other Microsoft Office programs, the red squiggly spell-checker line will be familiar to you. 

When you have finished the note, click Add to enter it into the note history. The employee name (who entered the note) and the date and time will also be saved and appear next to the note.

 Account notes are not editable after they are added.

If you want to view your notes in an Excel spreadsheet, at the bottom of the Account Notes window, click View in Excel.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact support@paladinpos.com.