Build: 7971

Date: 25-Jan-14

An updated Paladin Access Template Database for printing Labels, Tags, Signs and Reports is available for download with this release.  To download the new database, please follow these instructions:

  • A.  Open Paladin POS on the terminal you normally generate signs and labels from.
  • B.  Click Maintain – Download – MS Access Templates (Signs, Labels).
  • A message is displayed in the lower left corner of your screen stating “Downloading Access Template Database”.
  • Your terminal is useable for all POS tasks during the download process.
  • Once completed a message box appears stating “Database Successfully Downloaded”.
  • Press Enter or click OK to clear the message.

To use the new templates, click the Reports menu at the top of the screen (not the Reports button) and choose MS Access Templates.  The version date is displayed on the opening screen, and it should match the date of this release.

We recommend you download our master Label, Tag, Sign and Report “LTSR” Catalog from the Paladin Customer portal or simply CLICK HERE to download the newest copy.  This catalog provides pictures of all templates along with details of information displayed and compatibility with various printing methods and paper stock.

Featured Enhancements:

  1. Bintag #20 / Shelf tag #20 are new templates that display the inventory Broken Carton field and an encrypted cost code, just like the old days before computers!  You define and manage the specific encryption code in File – Setup – Company – Tag Styles – Enable Cost Code check box and the ten digit Cost Code field.  Enter your code, starting with the number 1 and remember that no character maybe duplicated in a code.  Remember to save your settings before exiting.
  2. Bintags and Shelf tags now support both a primary and secondary sort option.  This allows for improved application efficiency for your staff.
  3. Bintag #19 / Shelf tag #19 is a new format that displays retail price, part number, order qty, description, barcode, alt part number, mfg number and date.
  4. Bintag #18 / Shelf tag #18 is a new format based on Template #8 with the addion of description 2, department and class.
  5. Bintag #17 / Shelf tag #17 is a new format based on Template #12 but the order barcode has been replaced with a straight part number barcode.
  6. Bintag #16 / Shelf tag #16 is a new format based on Template #9 but the location code has been removed and replaced with a value equal to the last 52 weeks sales at the time the bintag / shelf tag was produced.
  7. Item tag #8 is a new format that allows laser printed individual item price tags.  Paladin Data Corp stocks the Itemtag paper used by this form.
  8. Promotional Report #2’s margin column now rounds to two decimal places and an issue with total margin has been corrected.
  9. Shelf Tag #5 has been adjusted to fit 8 tags down by 4 tags across in portrait format as originally designed.
  10. Bintag #2 location field now displays 6 digit location codes correctly.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact