Build: 7154.1-2

Date: 06-Nov-12

Paladin POS was designed to accommodate unique supplier order numbers for each of the suppliers identified with a particular inventory item. Sometimes the supplier order number is the manufacturer’s part number, many times it is not. In an attempt to make Paladin POS fit a broader segment of the market we have built a feature that defeats the supplier specific order number system.

The new system, if enabled, will present the manufacturer’s part number as the supplier order number on all POs regardless of the supplier or the specific supplier’s part number identified in the inventory item records. No EDI output is affected by this feature because EDI vendors expect to receive their part numbers, not a manufacturer’s part number. The PO displayed on screen and on the printed PO will show your part number on line one and the manufacturer’s part number on line two of every item ordered.

To enable this feature click File – Setup – Company and scroll down the screen to the Purchase Orders group box. Check the box beside “Display Manufacturer Part Number in POs” and click Save.

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