Manual discounts, price overrides, and easy returns can be useful tools when you need to price-match to make a sale or maintain a happy customer. However, these tools can also be misused or exploited to commit fraud.

To ensure that your employees are acting in the best interest of your store, you can create and review the Salesperson Exception Report. This report already gives you a list of all price overrides, manual discounts, and negative quantities sold during a specified time, sorted by employee. Now, it can also tell you when an employee enters  manager credentials to allow a purchase to exceed the customer’s store credit limit.

How it works

In the Invoice/Quote module, when a customer’s purchase amount exceeds their store credit limit, a manager’s credentials must be entered to complete the transaction.

Manager override credentials window in Invoice Quote for

To track these credit limit overrides, the Salesperson Exception Report has added a new Include Accounting Overrides? setting. This report setting is selected by default.

New Accounting Override report checkbox option

When the Include Accounting Overrides? check box is selected, the Salesperson Exception Report will tell you when a customer’s purchase exceeded their store credit limit and which employee approved the sale. In the report, these exceptions will appear in Accounting Overrides sections and are sorted by employee.

Overrides shown on Salesperson Exception Report

To access the Salesperson Exception Report, in the Reports module, in Report Area pane, click Sales Analysis, and then click What I Need To Know. The Salesperson Exception Report will appear in the Report List pane.

How to create the Salesperson exception report  

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