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Build date: 25-May-16

Avalara AvaTax, the proven leader in sales tax decision automation, can now power your sales tax calculations in Paladin Point of Sale. With real-time access to the most current rates and taxability rules, AvaTax saves you time, money and effort, and minimizes your exposure to audits and errors.

Sales tax rules are complex and dynamic, and vary across more than 10,000 jurisdictions. Without a sophisticated system like AvaTax, it’s common to charge incorrect tax rates. For example, many products and services are tax-exempt or qualify for discounted rates, but, it is virtually impossible to offer these discounts correctly without extensive research and advanced algorithms.

AvaTax dynamically delivers fast and accurate tax decisions by applying expert knowledge of:

  • Address validation for location accuracy
  • Sourcing rules to determine precise tax jurisdictions
  • Jurisdiction assignment to identify exact tax codes and rates
  • Product taxability to apply correct sourcing rules to individual transactions
  • Reporting to provide easy and accurate tax filing

By integrating AvaTax into Paladin Point of Sale, we are offering you a time-tested platform that benefits and protects your business.

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