Build: 7971

Date: 25-Jan-14

Jensen Distribution Services have always provided a comprehensive suite of EDI features for their distributors.  So much information is available from Jensen that we have designed and built a new system for processing this information in your store.  Previously, your inventory control person was required to issue an instruction to process a single file.  When complete the user was required to click a button to start processing the next downloaded file.

Beginning with this release, a single instruction will cause Paladin POS to process everything present in the Jensen download folder.  As each file is processed it is automatically moved to a backup folder.  As with the previous system, each downloaded file produces its own detailed EDI report so it remains easy to review the effects of each Jensen provided data file.  It is common for Jensen to not include an invoice or PO number with their electronic invoices.  In an attempt to maintain our practice of preventing processing of a duplicate file, we create an invoice number based on the downloaded file name and downloaded date/time stamp.  While it is unlikely you will ever see a duplicate file warning, this protection is in place none the less for your protection.

We’re confident this enhancement will simplify your EDI update process freeing you for more time with your customers.

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