Build:  8278

Date:  28-May-14 updated 20-Jun-14

Any terminal equipped with a receipt printer is now capable of invoice reprints to their receipt printer.  Historically invoice reprints from the Customer module’s Customer Friendly History Viewer have generated a PDF copy of the invoice that could be viewed, emailed and/or printed on that terminal’s laser report printer.

This new feature, if enabled, is only active in work stations with receipt printers.  To enable the new direct-to-receipt-printer reprints click File – Setup – Company – Invoice and check the box beside “Use Receipt Printer for Invoice Reprint”.  Click Save before exiting.

A second upgrade made to the Customer Friendly History Viewer invoice reprint system involves respecting each customer’s individual setting for “Force Invoice to Big Form”.  For all customers that have made this election, even with a receipt printer available and the new feature enabled, a PDF will still be created displaying the laser full sheet invoice.

We hope this further improves your customer’s shopping satisfaction with your store.


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