Build:  8307

Date:  06-Jun-14

Recall of recent invoices for non identified customers is now possible beginning with this build of Paladin POS.  Our new feature is a simple extension of features you are likely already familiar with.  We’re talking about the Invoice / Quote F1 Advanced Lookup’s History tab family of search and recall past sales information features.

Historically you have been able to search for:

  • Invoices written under any customer account (by identifying the specific customer on the underlying Invoice / Quote), or
  • Any part number ever sold to a particular customer (again by identifying a customer on the invoice), or
  • Find a list of all customers that ever purchased a particular item

Inevitably the invoice you wanted to find “from a few minutes ago” didn’t have an account number nor can you remember a specific part number from that transaction.  With this build you are now able to recall “Cash Sale” invoices to your sales terminals from your Invoice / Quote screen.  The new command is easy to remember and will likely be intuitive for your sales staff:

  • If you identify a customer on the Invoice / Quote, the search is limited to that customer.  If no customer is identified, the invoice search function will return invoices that have no customer identified i.e. Cash Sales.

Simple isn’t it?  Since stores often have significantly more Cash Sales than sales to identified customers, we’ve limited the number of results returned to only those sales within the last 48 hours to keep the amount of information returned to a manageable quantity.

We suggest anyone not familiar with another recent upgrade to the F1 Advanced Lookup – History tab review the documentation present in your New Feature Browser for build 8286 from 30-May-14.  As a refresher, this build provided ability to regenerate complete invoices from this area.  You should also be familiar with a new Reprint control added in build 8278 from 28-May-14 that provides ability to reprint invoices to attached receipt printers (as well as the ability to defeat the new feature if desired).

It is our expectation this new capability will continue to improve the level of customer service provided in your stores.  As many are observing in today’s retail word, improving our customer’s shopping experience in our stores is one of the most important tenants of successful retailing.

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