The Inventory Valuation Summary report itemizes your current inventory investment dollars by department, so you can evaluate your business and make informed decisions.  

What’s new

We’ve added an Inventory Valuation Summary report setting to include on-hold item items, so you can get a complete picture of the inventory in your store. This setting is optional. By default, on-hold quantities are not included in the report values.

To include on-hold items in the Inventory Valuation Summary report, in the report’s Additional Settings pane, select the Include On-Hold Inventory check box before you click Run Report or press F12.

Note: This setting is not selected by default.

Option to include on hold items in inventory valuation report

About the Inventory Valuation Summary report

The Inventory Valuation Summary report includes this information by department:

  • Number of products in the department (NUMBER OF ITEMS)
  • Current investment in dollars (STOCK VALUE)
  • Current retail value (RETAIL VALUE)
  • Year-to-date sales (YTD SALES)
  • Year-to-date profit (YTD PROFIT)
  • Sales margin (MARGIN ON SALES)
  • Department GMROI (DEPT GMROI)

The Inventory Valuation Summary is available in the Reports module.

how to access inventory valuation report




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