Build:  8362-2

Date:  09-Jul-14

During PO Receive events you may view any line item’s inventory file with a single keystroke.  Frequently during PO Receiving a quick glance at an item’s sales history or list of previous costs could be useful.  Our new feature provides exactly this ability with a single keystroke.

Highlight any part number based line on your receiving purchase order.  Notice the grayed out F5 P.O. button on the bottom of your screen is now replaced with a new F5 Recall Inventory command button.  Press F5 or click the button and the highlighted item is instantly displayed on the inventory screen.  Perform your review of the item and when done press Alt-4 (hold the Alt down and tap the number 4) or click the P.O. menu command button at the top of the screen.  You are returned to the exact previous position in your receiving event.

You will observe the F5 Recall Inventory command button will be grayed out and unavailable for use when focus or highlight is on a blank line, Note field line or anytime multiple lines are selected.

Please understand the PO item’s inventory screen and data has not been updated as a result of this pending receiving event.  Inventory records are updated when the user commands F1 Process from the Confirm Receive screen.  All data displayed during toggle events is from BEFORE the receiving event has been performed.  If retail price updating is enabled for your PO Receive functions, any changes performed manually in retail price fields may be over written by the F1 Process command.

We believe our new shortcut will further enhance productivity during receiving processes and help contribute to an even greater efficiency in your store.

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